From the times of yore, organizations have acquired an intricate network of legacy applications. Sporadically these legacy applications populate with separately developed applications using technologies that are more recent. Running such a system can lead to enormous depletion of resources. An appropriate reengineering and migration strategy can free and replenish these resources for other decisive requirements, realize greater efficiencies and obtain more value from the existing applications by consolidating them on fewer platforms using technologies that are more in tune with current and future business necessities. These initiatives result in tremendous reduction in the cost of application ownership.

Transporting the existing legacy business into the digital domain through initiatives like eSales, eMarketing, eProvisioning, eCare and eSupply.

Our reengineering and migration services make possible for organizations to combine and integrate applications on fewer platforms efficiently. These include migrations across platforms, databases and operating systems. ESS can also reengineer your applications in response to changes in convention or other ecological factors.

We adopt a proven approach and methodology towards reengineering and migration projects. Our professionals are skilled in an assortment of technologies and are systematically trained and exposed to scenarios involving cross platform reengineering and migration. Our expertise stretches out from programming tools and environmental knowledge of legacy platforms to recent technologies such as Client Server, Object Oriented and Web technologies.