Loan Origination System

Loan Origination System:

At ESS we use both Encompass and Calyxsystem/Applications as per industry standard. Encompass is all-in-one One Solution for Every Loan, Every Stage, Every Day. Automated compliance and quality reviews an integrated network of service providers. More mortgage industry innovation inside than you can shake a loan file at. Fully integrated solution that covers the entire loan lifecycle and provides one system of record so you can close high-quality, compliant loans more efficiently, no matter what the industry or regulators do next.

Calyx Software® is one of the top providers of affordable mortgage solutions for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers. A comprehensive system-of-record for lenders, PointCentral® is a flexible platform that combines Point®—an easy-to-use, complete LOS with electronic document management and back-end functionality such as underwriting and secondary marketing—with strong security, remote access and a robust business rules engine needed for workflow and compliance.