Computer-aided Design

Computer-aided Design:

The industry's need in engineering design is complex and varied. The need for non-dimensional rapid prototyping and use of analytical tools during all stages of design and development, in addition to the tight schedules and turnaround times pose one of the most challenging environments for industrial design engineers. Computer-aided design and analysis techniques have revolutionized engineering design in several important areas, notably in the field of structural analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Product Data Management (PDM), Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), Industrial Electronics and Engineering Software Development.

CAD Based Products:

  • 2D drafting and 3D modelling from real component.

  • 3D surface modelling and solid modelling.

  • Integration and migration of CAD data across popular CAD platform.

  • Building of complex assembly models.

  • Detail Design and Drafting.

  • Parametric Drafting.

  • Electrical Diagrams.

  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams.

  • Architectural Floor Plans.

  • Structural Drawings.

  • Shop Drawings.