Automated City Register Information System

Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS):


ESS went thru the entire process involved in recording of the documents on to ACRIS. ACRIS was the official registry of land records for the 5boroughs of New York and millions of people use ACRIS as their sole reference to verify the land records. The operations executives of ESS went thru a rigorous training at the clients place which helped in identifying the complexity of the job and as well as the risks associated with it.

ESS used its previous experience with the Land Title Industry drew up a operational plan which made significant changes to the existing production model, the client after intensive consultations with its operations managers approved plan and ESS adopted a structured transition methodology, which included intensive training of more than 30 people at the offsite location.

The client's product delivery time came down from a massive one week to just a couple of hours. This helped the client to provide excellent customer service and as a result of which were able to get new clients and increase the volume of business.

The move helped the client to save an additional 40% in production costs and an improvement in service levels to a great extent.

Key benefits

  • 600% increase in productivity, with the doubling of recordings handled per day.

  • Entire backlog of recordings some as old 6 months were filed on to ACRIS.

  • Top management concentrated on sales as there were no operational worries.

  • IImprovement in turnaround time as ESS's offshore centers operated 24 hours.

  • Improved quality.

Successful execution of outsourced process has lead to filings of thousands of records onto the Register.