Methodology – Overview

Methodology – Overview:

ESS offers total solutions in software development to its clients. Total solutions embodies meeting the complete client requirements by adapting one of the standard software development models like Linear Approach, Waterfall, Spiral, Rapid Application Development and Time Box. ESS as an organisation places top priority on developing an attitude for learning new skills, which blends seamlessly with its work culture. ESS employees are always on a steep learning curve. ESS developers constantly enhance their learning skills along with the routine software development and this creates a perfect harmony between executing the existing skill-set and working at the frontiers of innovative technologies. Transporting the existing legacy business into the digital domain through initiatives like eSales, eMarketing, eProvisioning, eCare and eSupply.

ESS's client commitment unleashes resource management, meeting stringent project schedules and supplying clients’ requirements within the stipulated deadline. We are committed to long-term relationships with our Clients and continue to invest in technology partnerships for sustaining and providing quality and value added service.