About Us


ESS has been able to evolve the processes and methodologies necessary for managing these dedicated facilities based on experience of managing various relationships over the period. ESS also has the flexibility to integrate client-specific processes and modalities at the offshore facilities in accordance with the clients’ needs.

ESS is an IT solutions company that provides the best-of-breed technology solutions that can be customized to meet the clients’ current technology needs. Our experience over a broad spectrum of industries enables us to provide vertical market solutions that are in sync with the changes taking place within industry sectors. Working with ESS, clients can reap cost efficiency benefits due to ESS's ability to transfer projects to its offshore development centers (ODCs). We thus ensure clients of consistent quality and a superb return on investment.

Our Strengths:

Our strengths lie in our team of motivated, well-qualified and experienced professionals and our technical facilities in a conducive working environment. Directors professionally manage ESS with backgrounds in management, engineering and marketing. Our project managers are responsible for overall coordination and quality control. They also participate in weekly discussions and in the management of the organization.

ESS team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals, dedicated to providing high quality services at competitive prices to customers around the world. Our team of professionals is committed, flexible and dedicated to highest quality standards - prerequisites to assure our customers complete satisfaction. Our commitment to customer service is second to none, and with continued investment in technology and staff skills forms the basis for the future ensuring that all our customers benefit from our efficient, quality and cost effective deliverables.