Billing and Coding

Centralized Medical Records:


One of the largest private medical practices having its clinics all around New York City employs many Specialized Doctors and treats thousands of patients each year. Due to the fact that there were many offices and each practice used to see many patients of their own there was always a problem related to Medical Records, as the billing was centralized and Billers and Coders used to operate from their Headquarters. The Medical Records had to be faxed to the office each time it had to be billed and this was a very confusing and cumbersome work process, so the Medical Practice consulted ESS to come up with a solution to address the issue.

ESS's Solution

There was a lot of problems associated in the work flow process as we were dealing with staff who were not having a sound knowledge of Computers, so the solution which was to be proposed had be very simple and user friendly. An entire review of the work flow was done and discussions were held with the doctors and the accounting department. ESS proposed an ASP solution where in the doctors could dictate the patient records using a toll-free telephone number and the Medical Records would be transcribed in India and posted back to the centralized server based in the US. It was also ensured and taken care of the fact that it has to follow the guidelines of HIPAA.

The Medical Records were now easy to retrieve and there was no duplication of work.

Key benefits

  • Centralized Medical Records Management System.

  • HIPAA regulations satisfied.

  • Increased ROI due to channelizing of the Billing Process.

  • Improvement in turnaround time as ESS's offshore centers operated 24 hours.

  • Last but and most importantly better patient care.

Continued delivery of the process has ensured that the volume of the work from the client has increased to multiple folds.